Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse

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January 4, 2010
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Raw Fruit Cereal
January 9, 2010

Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse, Quirky CookingDairy Free Chocolate Mousse, Quirky Cooking
Yippee!!! I found a recipe for dairy free chocolate mousse that tastes like the real thing – light and airy and creamy and chocolatey! It’s so quick and easy and very addictive! I found the original recipe on taste.com (and I think they got it from Super Food Ideas magazine). I converted it to a Thermomix recipe, changed the castor sugar to honey, added more cocoa, and broke out into spontaneous rejoicing at eleven o’clock last night when I tasted it!!! (Probably shouldn’t be eating rich chocolate desserts at eleven o’clock at night, but it was for a good cause, don’t you think?) Thank you taste.com – I am pathetically grateful!

Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse
Serves 4
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  1. 1/2 cup boiling water
  2. 2 teaspoons powdered gelatine
  3. 2 rounded Tblspns raw cacao powder (or Dutch cocoa powder)
  4. 50g honey
  5. 4 room temperature eggs, separated
  6. 1/2 tsp lemon juice
  1. Measure boiling water and powdered gelatin into a small measuring jug and whisk with fork until completely combined.
  2. Add cacao powder and whisk in well until dissolved. This mixture needs to reach room temperature - you can put it in the fridge for a little while if you're in a hurry.
  3. Weigh honey into a cup and set aside.
  4. Separate eggs, setting egg yolks aside.
  5. Place egg whites in Thermomix bowl and add lemon juice (to stabilize the egg whites). Insert butterfly attachment and mix 3-4 mins/speed 4, or until stiff.
  6. With blades still spinning on speed 4, slowly drizzle in honey, then add egg yolks slowly, one at a time. Pause mixing.
  7. Check temperature of gelatine/cocoa mixture to make sure it's the same temperature as the egg white mixture. If so, begin mixing again at speed 4, and slowly drizzle cocoa mixture into bowl in a thin stream, until well combined.
  8. Pour mixture into six small serving cups (or a large bowl) and refrigerate for four hours, or until set and chilled. Or if you're impatient like me, pop them in the freezer for half an hour! πŸ˜‰
  9. Dust with some cocoa and serve.
  1. Store any leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 days.
Quirky Cooking https://www.quirkycooking.com.au/

By the way, this recipe can easily be doubled to make 12 servings at a time – a good idea, since they’ll disappear quickly!


  1. Susan says:

    I can just see you rejoicing at 11pm! Your recipe does sound yummy…I love chocolate too πŸ™‚ XX

  2. Iwa Brown says:

    Jo, we made this recipe this arvo but the eggwhite didn’t aerate much…. i tried setting the temperature to 37 degrees and that didn’t make much difference… does the bowl need to be cleaned prior to putting in eggwhites? Mine still had a little rapadura from grinding it in the previous step…

  3. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Iwa, I don’t usually clean out the rapadura – it whips up well, but once you put in the egg yolks & chocolate it becomes runny. Did it set okay? I think I need to do a video for this one. πŸ™‚

  4. Iwa Brown says:

    Jo, it set beautifully πŸ™‚ And the blueberry dirt (which we made with dried blueberries, Aldi Just Organic Dark chocolate and hazelnuts cos i can’t have almonds) made it even nicer!

  5. Jo Whitton says:

    Oh, that’s great, Iwa!! Yum, I think I’ll have to try the blueberry dirt with hazelnuts next time… πŸ˜€

  6. Yayy!
    Making this right now <3
    It’s so difficult being a dairy free and soya free teen but now it’s just a little easier.

  7. Nicki says:

    Made this today – LOVED it! I am not dairy free but prefer this recipe to some of the heavier, creamy versions I’ve tried. Thanks so much for posting πŸ™‚

  8. Jeanette Gegg says:

    Hi Jo. I love this. I made it last night in practice for our DF friend coming over for tea next week. My hubby and myself had to restrain ourself from having to go back to the fridge and eating the other bowls.

  9. Jo Whitton says:

    Thanks guys, glad you like it! You should try the blueberry version too – yum!! http://quirkycooking.blogspot.com/2011/06/chocolate-mousse-with-blueberries.html

  10. Michelle says:

    Hi Jo,
    I just tried making this recipe and it was a major fail. I tried it twice, and each time I started adding the sugar (I was using organic panela) it turned the egg whites into liquid. The second time I beat the whites longer in case that was the problem, but it still happened. Do you have any idea why this is happening? I was really looking forward to trying this recipe πŸ™

  11. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Michelle, don’t panic! The egg whites do go runny once you add the rapadura/panela – it’s okay! Just keep going – when it sets it’s all bubbly, and tastes great! Keep going πŸ™‚

  12. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much Jo, I really appreciate it! Will have to try a third time as I threw it out each time as it didn’t look like it would set… oops. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  13. Jo Whitton says:

    Oh dear! πŸ™ Well just take your time with putting the rapadura/panela in, nice and slow, and don’t worry if it gets runny. πŸ™‚

  14. Michelle says:

    It worked and was delicious, thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gelatine? So it’s not for vegetarians (how come I was under the impression, from your recipes, that you’re even vegan?)
    I still haven’t learned to use agar-agar. Maybe this is the time to try…


  16. Jo Whitton says:

    No Irene, I’m not vegan, although I do have quite a few vegen or vegetarian recipes. I use basic ingredients, lots of fresh fruit and veges, and I avoid dairy, wheat, refined foods, additives and refined sugars. Basically I go with a wholefood approach, which includes some animal products.

    If you’re looking for a vegan mousse, try this one – it’s awesome!! http://quirkycooking.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/raw-vegan-chocolate-mousse.html

    Jo πŸ™‚

  17. Unknown says:

    Once again, I think you may have saved my life.

  18. Jules says:

    Yes I would love a video! I just tried this and the whites went completely runny when I added the sugar. Consequently the volume was reduced greatly and it ended up making about 2 serves. I will try next time to add sugar more slowly. Hubby mae this yesterday though (for xmas day) and I must say it was a fantastic hit and very, VERY yummy!!! His didn’t go as runny as mine when he added the sugar…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jo, tried to make this three times yesterday, as soon as i add the sugar it goes really thin and runny, can you tell me what i am doing wrong? also used agar agar to set it and am still trying to get those quantities right. Thanks so much for your blog, it is very inspiring. Regards, Karen

  20. LoRe says:

    I made this yesterday but doubled the amount of cocoa and once setled i whisk it and ended up with a sort of chocolate whipped cream to put over my flourless almond and orange cake…. it was amazing, thanks!!!

  21. Farmer K says:

    Making this tonight! Wohoo! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

  22. Tracey says:

    This sounds so good. Would it work with Agar Agar ok?

  23. Shelley W says:

    My French friend (this is her family mousse recipe) just whips some egg whites to stiff peaks and melts some dark chocolate and folds them together, then chills- yum. I freeze it, yum too. A good way of using up left over egg whites. I usually just squash up with my hand some organic frozen rasberries when they are still in the bag and half melted and tip them over, and- sorry Jo-, serve with icecream I have made with the egg yolks, raw cream and honey whipped up together.

  24. Sarah says:

    Hi Jo
    Any ideas for making this egg free (and no dairy or soy substitutes)? Thx

  25. Jules says:

    Jo, save me! I just tried making this again and it failed again!!! It really deflated when I added the chocolate mixture and the end volume didn’t even reach the top of the blades. The mix was at room temperate. πŸ™ I just don’t have the magic touch when it comes to cooking! Video!?!?

  26. […] banana), and one with nuts but no eggs) – Fruit ice creams (lots of ideas here) – Chocolate mousse (dairy free – this recipe is made on eggs; if you can’t have eggs but can have […]

  27. AlisonGattas says:

    I have a hard to in my theromomix making egg whites! They don’t peck ;(

    • QuirkyJo says:

      Make sure the bowl is very clean with no oil residue.. a tiny speck of yolk will prevent peaking , sp4 with butterfly whisk attached.

  28. Mel says:

    How do you make this without a thermomix please??

  29. Debra says:

    If I’m not mistaken Eggs are dairy
    So therefore this is not dairy free!!!

    • QuirkyJo says:

      Hi Debra, No eggs are NOT classified as dairy. Dairy is a product of the mammary gland of mammals. Basically, it refers to milk and anything made from milk, like cheese, butter and yogurt. And eggs are not made from milk. They don’t even come from a milk-producing animal. – so this is fine for people who do not eat dairy. πŸ™‚ I do have a Vegan Choc Mousse though which is egg and dairy free πŸ™‚

    • Jane says:

      Debra, maybe you are thinking of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate eggs- the recipe calls for chicken eggs! ??

  30. Tracey says:

    Can this be made a day or 2 before use?

  31. Anna says:

    Apologies if this is a silly question, but do you take the butterfly out after doing the egg whites? Or leave it in until the end?
    Thank you ☺️

  32. Amy says:

    Ho Jo
    I started making this yesterday but didn’t have time to finish so my gelatin mix has been sitting in the fridge over night and is now quite firm. Is it still ok to use? Can I heat it in the microwave to make t a liquid again or will this ruin the end result?

  33. Emma says:

    Hi Jo – apologies if u have already answered this question (I had a quick scan above) – is there a non Thermo recipe equivalent? 😊 I love all of your work by the way πŸ‘

  34. Clare Ellison says:

    Hi Jo.. I need to find sugar and honey free treats for my duaghter – she always makes us delicious desserts and then has to sit and watch us enjoy them! She has maple syrup, and minimal coconut sugar., but no refined or cane sugar products. Can I sub these for the honey – and what ratio?? Thank you so much – you are a total inspiration!

  35. Kelly says:

    Do you know what measurement of agar agar to use instead of gelatine???

  36. Natalie says:

    Can I do this in something else other than a thermomix ?

  37. Michelle says:

    Hi Jo, just come upon this recipe and note lots of comments re sugar but looking at the recipe I’m thinking you have now replaced with honey?

  38. Jenny says:

    Made this today and we all loved it. I served it up with berries and added a little dribble of maple syrup (we all have a sweet tooth!) I can’t believe how light the mousse is. The best thing about it is the kids don’t know there are another 2 dishes in the fridge with leftovers….

  39. Jaquie says:

    Hi Jo I have a salicylate intolerance so can’t have the lemon juice. Any ideas on substitutes? Thanks!

  40. Erika says:

    Hi Jo, I don’t have a thermomix but would love to try this recipe. How would I go about making this recipe?

  41. Karina says:

    I made this today. So easy and and oh my goodness…sooooo yummy. Thank you. I haven’t had mousse for many many years due to not being able to find a good tasting dairy free one.

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