Christmas Cooking – Torte Caprese

Berry Nougat with Raw Cacao Nibs
December 8, 2010
Merry Christmas…
December 23, 2010

Here’s an idea for dessert for your Christmas party… 

Bake a Torte Caprese, 

top it with Berry Nougat with Cacao Nibs

and drizzle it with chocolate!


You can find the Torte Caprese recipe in the 
Thermomix Everyday Cookbook.

It’s a delicious, gluten free, flourless cake made with 
almonds and chocolate,

and it only takes about five minutes to throw together!

I used my Thermomix to grate the chocolate, 

grind the nuts, and mix the batter for the cake; 

to make the nut butter and chop the almonds for the berry nougat, 

and mix it together;

and to melt the chocolate for drizzling over the top.



  1. Anonymous says:

    When did you find the time to make this? Did you save me any??

  2. Jo Whitton says:

    Well, Anonymous, I would if I knew who you were! 😉 I made it in between finishing off school for the year, doing a Thermomix demo and going to a Christmas bbq… doesn’t take long! 🙂

  3. Cat J B says:

    Omg Jo, that looks amazing! And yummy, think I’ll give this one a go!

  4. Jo Whitton says:

    Thanks Cat! I forgot to mention I use rapadura in the cake instead of sugar, and a good quality dark chocolate (or you can make your own – I didn’t have any left). 🙂

  5. What a beautiful cake Jo. I just got given a beautiful cake stand for my birthday and I now know what will be sitting on it Christmas day!!! 🙂

  6. Jo Whitton says:

    Happy birthday for the other day, Chelsea!! I’d love to see a photo of your cake on the cake stand when you make it! 🙂

  7. Cathy says:

    Jo, that looks amazing! This would be fantastic for Christmas. Just wish I didn’t have to make it berry free for my sister. Have you tried mango nougat? Or another flavour option?

  8. Jo Whitton says:

    Mango nougat – now there’s an idea – little frozen chunks of mango instead of berries!!! Sounds like a good plan… Or what about a chocolate orange version – grind up orange zest to go in the cake, make ganache for the top, and sprinkle it with either orange zest, or slivers of candied orange! Mmmm, I might have to try that one too!

  9. Denise says:

    After seeing this amazing cake I have made it for my DH birthday today.I didn’t make the nougat as DH hates the pip in soft fruits! I put a fudge icing on the top.It’s delicious.Thanks for the inspiration Jo.

  10. Jo Whitton says:

    You’re welcome – hope he liked it! 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jo… how did you get around the dairy… did you use oil instead?? Thanks Mandy

  12. Jo Whitton says:

    Hi Mandy,
    I was a bit slack and used butter this time, since I made it for a bunch of people who aren’t dairy free. If I make it for myself I can use ghee, as that doesn’t seem to affect me – but if you can’t have ghee, you could try coconut oil, since it hardens like butter does once cold.
    Jo 🙂

  13. Karen TW says:

    i’ve made this one a few times (finally) lately and have had no luck with it 🙁 it’s tasted fine but exploded out of the tin and ended up burned all around the edges while sitll not cooked inside. driving me crazy!!

  14. Jo Whitton says:

    That’s no good, Karen – does your oven tend to be a bit hot? Maybe you need to turn it down and let it cook more slowly. High heat causes quick rising, then falling, and burnt edges with a gooey centre! I used to have that happen in my old oven too, but the one I have now is much slower, and this cake works a lot better!

  15. Forget desert — can we eat this for dinner please???

    Oh Jo… I swear you are going to convert my savory ways and make a sweet-lover out of me if you keep this up! It is GORGEOUS and the flavors sound AMAZING. But I think you really deserve a Christmas break! Best wishes, have a great holiday!

  16. Jo Whitton says:

    Ha ha! Thanks Helene 😀 I can’t have a break yet – my oven’s been broken for days and it’s finally been fixed, so now I can COOK!! Got lots planned for the next few days! 😀 Best wishes to you too – hope you have a great Christmas 🙂

  17. Karen TW says:

    yeah, it’s a shocker of an oven, i often have things turned down 30-40′ less than the recipe and still have to watch for burning 🙁

  18. Jo Whitton says:

    Ah, I thought that was probably it, Karen! Maybe you should go cook it in a friend’s oven (although you probably won’t get home with a whole cake if you do that! lol) 🙂

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