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The Way We Eat, Quirky Cooking

In our society it has become much too easy and cheap to buy fake foods, foods that are not nourishing our bodies very much at all. Everywhere you look there are foods that are produced in a laboratory or factory instead of grown on a farm. Our bodies don’t know what to do with fractionalised, over-refined foods, and making them a foundational part of your diet leads to many food-related diseases and chronic illness.

I believe that the foods we eat should nourish and heal our bodies, and not be a drain on our health. I think most people believe this, but many find it hard to implement in the everyday busyness of life. My aim is to show how it can be done simply, without great expense, and with creativity!

The recipes on my blog are mostly dairy free (except for the occasional use of butter or ghee); low gluten, gluten free or grain free; refined sugar free; and some are egg free or nut free. If you need to change some of the ingredients in a recipe, use the Substitutions section on my blog and in my first book as a guide. I prefer to eat natural foods, preferably organic or pesticide free, without additives and preservatives – foods that have been traditionally consumed by humans for thousands of years, rather than foods that are still being tested for safety. I focus on foods that are unpackaged, unprocessed and unrefined as much as possible.

In the last couple of years my focus has changed to gut healing foods as we needed to work through some health issues in our family. In July 2014 we embarked on the GAPS protocol as a family (and saw AMAZING health improvements – read my son’s story here), so you’ll see lots of recipes that are suitable for GAPS, paleo and SCD diets on my blog. Now that we have done GAPS, we have been able to transition from completely grain free, starch free and dairy free to having some safe starches and some dairy. So however you eat, you’ll find recipes on my site to suit you – they are just wholesome, traditional, delicious, gut-friendly recipes with the main focus being on wholefoods. (For more information on our GAPS journey, please tune in to our podcast, “A Quirky Journey”, hosted by The Wellness Couch.)

Some tips for those of you trying to improve the way you eat? Get back to basics. Avoid packets and preservatives and additives and colours and all those unnecessary things that don’t nourish your body. Think grass fed, pasture raised meat, free-range eggs, traditional good quality fats, nuts and seeds, local, seasonal fruit and veggies (fresh, cooked and fermented), raw local honey, and some unrefined traditionally prepared grains if you can handle them. Buy organic or pesticide free as much as possible. Shop at places like your local farmer’s markets, smaller stores that carry locally grown fruit and veggies, and local butchers that sell grass fed meat. Buy pesticide free nuts, seeds, oils, grains, flours and natural sweeteners through co-ops to get good prices. Soak and sprout and ferment for good gut health. For more detailed tips and ideas, see the information in our cookbook, Life-Changing Food.

The good thing about having over eight years’ worth of recipes on my blog is that you can see the natural progression we’ve gone through over the last few years. Healthy eating is not a destination, it’s a journey, and you will find it’s something you have to work on bit by bit, as I have. These are two of my favourite quotes when it comes to healthy eating…

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

– Theodore Roosevelt –

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then do better.”

– Maya Angelou –

Come along for the ride!

Happy Cooking,
Jo xx

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