June 28, 2013

Weekly Highlights

    These Corella pears were one of the highlights of my week – gorgeous aren’t they!  So many interesting things come to my notice each […]
June 21, 2013

Dairy Free Condensed Milk & Dulce de Leche

 The other day I asked on my Facebook page, “What’s something you reeeeaaallly wish you had an allergy-friendly recipe for (and what’s the ingredient/s that is […]
May 30, 2013

Mr I’s “FAR Too Easy” Chocolate Cake

This afternoon was cold, wet and dreary, and Mr I (my 11 year old) was getting bored. I told him to go do something creative.   […]
May 25, 2013

Life & Blogging & My Trip to Sydney for Voices of 2013

  Well last week was pretty exciting. I was whisked off to Sydney at very short notice to attend the Kidspot Voices of 2013 bloggers masterclass […]
May 12, 2013

Announcing the Winners of the Mother’s Day Giveaway!

It’s Mother’s Day, here in Australia, so Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums! What special treats do you have planned for your mums today? Yesterday […]
May 1, 2013

A Special Mother’s Day Giveaway!

 Me & my mum Who is the most inspiring woman in your life? Mine would have to be my mother, with my grandmother coming very close […]
April 11, 2013

Creamy Quinoa & Chia Porridge

Autumn is here, and it’s getting too cool for cold breakfasts of raw chia pudding and green smoothies. The other morning I was trying to think of […]
March 25, 2013

Raw Macadamia Lime ‘Cheesecake’ (dairy free)

One thing I love about living in tropical Far North Queensland is the abundance of delicious produce grown here. I love that I can go to […]
March 2, 2013
My Favorite Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies & Boost Juices

 I’m sitting here with the kids and their cousins, watching ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’. I love how the kids are totally fascinated with the difference that freshly juiced fruits […]
February 23, 2013
Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

   (Egg free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free options. Naturally sweetened.)  This is my healthier version of an old childhood favourite. I remember scraping the […]