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Here are two types of Quirky Cooking meal planners – a basic, simple planner, and a more detailed planner for those who like to plan each meal. Click on the planner to download.

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Recipes for Meal Plan

Life-Changing Food Cookbook

mushroom & zucchini strata
chilli bowls
fermented salsa
cauliflower ‘rice’ (veggie ‘rices’)
meat stocks
creamy broccoli soup
pumpkin bread (see ‘grain free bread formula’)
gaps wraps
24 hour sour cream

Quirky Cooking Blog

healing chicken soup
grilled fish with almonds
paprika chicken w/ cauliflower rice variation 
fermented salsa
pumpkin bread (grain free bread formula)
gaps wraps
fat bomb jellies
meat stocks/broths


Quirky Cooking for Gut Health Program

lamb pot roast
lamb & pumpkin soup
buttered apples & cinnamon
24 hour sour cream
sauerkraut juice (recipe below)

Most recipes link directly to one of these resources - so easy!