Fouad’s Story

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re at a point in your life where healthy eating and healthy living are as important to you as they are to me. My own health journey began in 2011. Back then I had reached a point where my health was deteriorating rapidly. Throughout my early life, I battled many issues, from obesity to allergies, recurring infections and inflammation. I saw many doctors and was told me that my conditions were incurable and would require constant medication throughout my life (for more about my story, listen to this podcast episode).  As a new father, I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety, all stemming from my health issues.

How was I going to be the father and man I wanted to be when my physical being was so challenged?

It was a very difficult time and I didn’t really know how to turn my life around. What I did know however that the advice I was given was unacceptable to me. I could not believe that a state of disease and chronic illness was unavoidable. Though my mind was in a state of ever-growing despair, my heart knew that my body had the capacity to heal itself, but if only I knew how. At the lowest point in my health journey, amidst all the anxiety and stress, I knew to continue looking for a solution. It was then that I found whole foods.

Six years and more than 28 kilos lighter, I am a new man. I can tell you with absolute certainty: the doctors were wrong about me.

Following a whole food diet (a low carb Paleo-esque version) has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. It has allowed me to re-frame myself as a human being. No longer disconnected from my place in this world, I have a clear and self-evident framework with which I can live. Having been a professional food writer and restaurant reviewer for The Sydney Morning Herald, I decided to pursue a life in food. Over the years, I ran two whole-food pop-up restaurants, Chic Pea and Baraka that garnered a great following and helped me spread the word on healthy eating.

Jo – the original quirky – and I have been friends since 2009. We like to say that we came together over a shared hatred for margarine, but the real truth is that we both admired each other’s work. I had immense respect and admiration for what Jo had achieved with Quirky Cooking, having seen it develop from a small blog to becoming a safe haven for those looking for real answers about health. In 2016, we decided to join forces and write a cookbook together. The result was Life-Changing Food, a beautiful book that Jo and I laboured on for an entire year, and which became a best-seller even before it was released. It has reached tens of thousands of families and from the feedback we are constantly receiving, we know that the book has been instrumental in bringing health and cooking back into the family home. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Jo and I also host a podcast on The Wellness Couch called A Quirky Journey where we discuss holistic approaches to health. If you haven’t started listening yet, join in and be part of the conversation – you’ll love it! You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck on this life-changing journey!

xx Fouad