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Need some help getting on the right track with your health?

Quirky Cooking offers online programs and cooking classes for improving gut health and optimising nutrition!

Live Online Cooking Workshops

Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking

Cook along with me!

Join in a live, cooking workshop from the comfort of your home! Cook along with me, or just watch and chat.

In each workshop we cook 6 recipes and I answer your questions as we cook. The workshops take between 2-3 hours, depending on the menu and how many questions there are. The shopping list and recipe eBook are available to download 1 week before the workshop airs, and you will have 1 month access to the chat group and live video replay afterwards.

Gut Health Programs

Elyse Comerford & Jo Whitton, The Gut Health Formula

The Gut Health Formula – 8 week group coaching program

This program is run by myself  and Elyse Comerford (nutritionist and gut health specialist) and is especially helpful for beginners to gut health. It is a gentle, sustainable approach to health which includes reducing food and lifestyle stress, working out health priorities, learning to organise and plan ahead so that healthy choices are easier to make, and slowly adjusting the diet to include more nutritious, healing foods. You will work towards a diet similar to the Full GAPS diet, using these healing food principles in a flexible way that suits YOU. Our coaching program is like a health retreat you can do at home… Slow down, let go of the stress, be gentle with yourself, nourish yourself with delicious, healing foods, and learn to build the foundations of good health one step at a time. The next intake will be in January 2022 and runs for 8 weeks, then is accessible for 12 months. Click on button below to register your interest, or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Program Reviews!

Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking

Quirky Cooking for Gut Health
“Work at your own pace” online program

** Note: This program is temporarily unavailable as it is being updated. Please see below.

This program was released in 2015 to share my recipes and tips for working through the GAPS Intro diet. It is suitable for people needing deeper healing than a general gut health program, and focuses on information and recipes based on the “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” protocol by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride. I recommend working towards the Intro diet by beginning with the Full GAPS diet and seeing if that is enough (it often is), then moving back to Intro if you need deeper healing. (The Gut Health Formula program can help you with working towards Full GAPS first, or you can find information about GAPS here.) This program is “evergreen” so you buy once then have membership for life, and can work through it at your own pace. There’s less one-on-one help than the Gut Health Formula, but there’s a great FB group for support and Elyse Comerford answers questions in the group once a week. Click on button below for more information, and to join program.

⇒ Note: This program is temporarily unavailable as it is being updated. Please click on the button below and register your details on our waiting list. Thank you.

Quirky Cooking Community

There are currently no cooking classes booked in.

I am available for cooking class bookings, both in person and online, one-on-one or group classes. Contact me at [email protected] for pricing.

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