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Nourishing Your Family Seminars

with Jo Whitton & Elyse Comerford

Nourishing Your Family, Jo Whitton & Elyse Comerford
Elyse Comerford (Integrative Nutritionist) & Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking)

Thirroul & Sydney, NSW – February 2020

Shiny happy faces, plenty of energy and laughter, the time and space to enjoy life with the abundant health that makes it possible… Isn’t this what we would all love for our families? In an ideal world this would be easy to achieve for every family, yet in our modern world it seems further and further from reach.

There is so much pressure on parents these days. Parenting in the digital age is tricky, plus there’s all the confusion and conflicting nutrition information we are bombarded with, and the stress of chronic illnesses and developmental disorders that are a part of life for many… it’s a minefield!

Join Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking) and Elyse Comerford (Nutritionist) as they present Nourishing Your Family – a simple, wholesome blueprint created from their real-life experiences with their own families. They will take you through every step from building the foundations of good health and happiness, to then delving further into gut health and how it relates to the health of our whole system, and what you can do if you are suffering with acute and/or chronic health issues. Combine this with practical nutrition guidelines, food preparation tips and cooking demonstrations to help you reduce the food stress, and you have an evening jam-packed with inspiration (and the perfect amount of information!).

If you are feeling stuck (and petrified!) with no idea where to start, or you are on your health journey already but would love some encouragement from two mums who have battled through many obstacles to nourish and heal their families, then this event is not to be missed!

Learn from Jo and Elyse:

  • How they worked through major health issues in their families

  • How to build the foundations for a healthy life

  • How to reduce the stress in key areas so you have space for change

  • How to focus on what’s important and work out first steps

  • How to encourage your family to be ‘on board’ with a healthy diet

  • How to move forward when you’re struggling with chronic health conditions, fatigue, anxiety, developmental disorders, and more

  • The importance of good gut health and how to achieve it

  • How to prepare traditional, whole food, healing meals simply and cheaply

  • How to prepare nourishing lunchboxes and snacks

  • How to bring back the joy and deliciousness without sacrificing the nourishment!

Cooking Demonstration:

  • Simple vegetable fermenting tips

  • Chicken liver & bacon pate

  • Pimento cheese filling

  • Chocolate banana cupcakes

  • Chocolate ganache

  • Nourishing lunch box ideas

Also Included:

  • Local whole food businesses displaying what they have to offer, with tastings where possible.

  • Lucky door prizes will be given away during the event.

  • Attendees will receive an email which includes recipes, notes & useful links to help them implement what they’ve learnt.


Nourishing Your Family Seminar

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