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Need some help getting on the right track with your health?

We offer two programs that are focused on improving gut health and optimising nutrition:

The Gut Health Formula – 8 week group coaching program: This is an 8 week program run by myself and Elyse Comerford (nutritionist and gut health specialist) that is very helpful for beginners to gut health. The focus is on reducing stress and anxiety in your life, reassessing your health goals so that you’re working towards what’s most important for your health, and practical steps to improving your health through healing food and lifestyle changes. The healing foods are brought in slowly, one at a time, then towards the end of the program we begin reducing foods that are not recommended for healing. This program offers a slow, gentle approach to changing your diet and health, and you will work towards a diet similar to the Full GAPS diet, using these healing food principles in a flexible way that suits your family. This program is accessible for 1 year. The next program begins 15 October, 2020. See more information below.

Quirky Cooking for Gut Health – “work at your own pace” online program: This program is for those needing deeper healing, and focuses on information and cooking for the GAPS Intro diet. We recommend working towards the Intro diet by beginning with the Full GAPS diet and seeing if that is enough (it often is), then moving back to Intro if you need deeper healing. (The above program can help you with working towards Full GAPS first, or you can find information about GAPS here.) This program is “evergreen” so you buy once then have membership for life, and you work through it at your own pace. There’s less one-on-one help than the Gut Health Formula, but there’s a great FB group for support and Elyse answers questions in the group once a week. Find more information here.

The Gut Health Formula, Elyse Comerford & Jo Whitton

The Gut Health Formula 
group coaching program!

with Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking) & Elyse Comerford (Integrative Nutritionist)


Between them, Jo Whitton and Elyse Comerford have helped thousands of people find the right approach to gut health. Over the years that they have been guiding families through healing their guts, they have developed what they (and the families they work with) would consider THE most balanced approach you can take to nourishing the health of your family using the power of a gut healing protocol in a way that is NOT overwhelming or stressful.


When trying to optimise the health of yourself and your families, the focus can become very narrow, and you can find yourself spiralling in an approach that is creating unhealthy patterns in other areas of your life (social, emotional etc) and also creating an unhealthy relationship with food. Health was never intended to be this way. Jo and Elyse will guide you in an approach that considers EVERY aspect of your health (with nutrition being just one piece of the puzzle), keeping in mind the ultimate goal- which isn’t to do things ‘perfectly’, but rather to optimise health and longevity for yourself and your family. To be the healthiest, happiest most vital humans that you can be. That is the ultimate goal right?


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