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Nourishing Your Family – Live Webinars!

with Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking) & Elyse Comerford (Integrative Nutritionist)

You can now join in our live seminars and Q&As from wherever you are in the world, via livestream presentations! Details below.

Book in to a Livestream Webinar here!

(Times are in AEDT - Sydney time zone)

Join Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking) and Elyse Comerford (Nutritionist)
as they present ‘Nourishing Your Family’ via live, online webinars!

Nourishing Your Family is a simple, wholesome blueprint created from Jo and Elyse’s real-life experiences with their own families. They will take you through the steps for building the foundations of good health and happiness, to then delving further into gut health and how it relates to the health of our whole system, the principles of food as medicine, and how to bring in healing foods and lifestyle changes that will help to boost your immune system, reduce stress, and solve chronic and acute health issues.

You will learn practical nutrition guidelines and food preparation tips, and have access to cooking demonstrations and recipe ebooks to help you implement these principles at home. All videos and ebooks are downloadable, so you’ll be able to keep them to refer to again and again! Overall, a webinar packed with inspiration, the perfect amount of information, opportunities to have your questions answered, and lots of fun!

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with no idea how to improve the health of your family, or whether you are already working on your health but would love some encouragement from Jo and Elyse, then this webinar is for you.

What's Included...

Live Webinar (2 to 2 1/2  hours):

  • Jo and Elyse share their own healing journeys 
  • A refreshing balanced approach to nourishing your family – taking it one step at a time 
  • The importance of focusing on the big picture, with nutrition being just one piece of the puzzle
  • The importance of gut health, and how you can optimise the gut health of your family without completely overhauling their diet 
  • Immune health, with a specific focus on supporting yourself and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Keeping food simple, beginning where you are with what you’ve got, and not spiralling into stress and overwhelm! 
  • Priceless bulk cooking and meal prep ideas to save you time and money
  • How to deal with fussy eaters (we have seen them all!)

Type your questions into the comments box while we are presenting, and we will answer questions at intervals throughout, and will also have a dedicated Q&A at the end.

Nourishing Your Family, Jo Whitton & Elyse Comerford

Live Q&A (½ hour):

  • A time dedicated to answering your questions in real time. Type them in, and we will answer!

Cooking Demo Videos (approx 1 ½ hours of priceless viewing):

(These videos will be pre-recorded and available for you to download and keep)

  • Introduction to fermented foods, and how to make fermented carrots, sauerkraut juice and sauerkraut
  • Health benefits of organ meat, and how to make chicken liver pate
  • Health benefits of meat stocks, and how to make them
  • Healthy lunch boxes, and how to make seedy crackers
  • How to make pimento cheese spread
  • How to make a nut free bliss ball slice 

Added Bonuses:

  • Video: Deeper Dive into Gut Health, with Nutritionist Elyse Comerford
  • Video: Deeper Dive into Supporting Immunity, with Nutritionist Elyse Comerford
  • Ebook: Nourishing Your Family Recipes (demonstrated in cooking demo)
  • Ebook: Meat stocks, why & how to use them
  • Ebook: Fermenting, why & how to make them
  • Ebook: Kitchen tips (shopping, bulk buying, meal planning etc) 
  • Giveaways & Discounts from our sponsors: Zazen Alkaline Water Filters, Solidteknics, and more!

Can't Attend on These Dates?

We will be holding more live webinars on future dates, so stay tuned! 

We’ll also be putting together an online program that contains all this information in the future
– more info on that soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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