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Do you enjoy sitting down to a delicious, home-cooked meal with the family, but lately it all feels too hard? Is dinner time stressing you out?

Would you love to learn how to declutter and organise your pantry so that you have the base ingredients for lots of simple meals on hand?

Do you know which foods are best for reducing stress and which ones will increase stress?

Would you love to bring back the fun and deliciousness in your cooking?

If so, then this cooking class is for you!! Myself and two of my good friends, Dani Valent, and Fleur Sharpe of Cook Live Love, are excited about sharing our tips for creating Simple Magnificence in the kitchen – reducing the food stress and increasing the yum factor!!

Three unique perspectives, one amazing class!

The theme is Simple Magnificence – yes, you can have both simplicity and magnificence in your home kitchen and this is the class to show you how! This dynamic trio will share tips, tricks and recipes, enabling you to put good food on the table without fuss.

Join Jo, Fleur and Dani on Saturday 15 June at 1.30pm at FareShare, Brisbane as they show you how to create good food without the fuss and create multiple kitchen wins. There will be plenty of audience interaction, tastings and giveaways. Click here to book your spot!

“We look forward to cooking with you!” 




                                                                        $5.00 from the sale of every ticket will be donated to FareShare.

                                                                              *Please note this cooking class will be filmed and photographed.

Sponsored by:

Quirky Cooking Events


Need some simple steps towards improving your lifestyle and nourishing YOU? Quirky Cooking events are a great way to kick start or reinvigorate your health journey. Our NOURISH event is focused on simple yet powerful lifestyle changes and easily prepared nutrient-dense meals. So many of us struggle with sticking to a healthy path, but being healthy need not be overwhelming and difficult. At this seminar we share our stories of healing using a gluten-free, whole food diet while explaining the basic foundations of this healthy dietary approach. We also demonstrate a variety of healing and nourishing recipes from our cookbook, Life-Changing Food, and share simple lifestyle changes that will help you get your health on track without being overwhelming. If you’re confused about what a healthy diet is, or need some encouragement to work on reducing stress and simplifying your life, this seminar is for you. 

Learn how to:

  • Change your perspective on health, making it more achievable
  • Identify areas in your life that may be holding you back from being a healthier you
  • Discover what steps you can take before you even begin to change your diet
  • Improve your home and workspace to make the journey to good health easier
  • Cook six simple recipes that your body will thank you for
  • Gain a practical understanding of the healing power of whole foods
  • Get tips on how to get the family on board
  • and much more!

If you’re interested in having Quirky Cooking come to your area, please click the link below to contact us.

Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking

Jo Whitton

Jo Whitton is a blogger, author and speaker who loves to share her passion for healthy eating and healing with food. Her business, Quirky Cooking, began in 2008, when she began writing a food blog to share her recipes. This led on to two best-selling cookbooks: Quirky Cooking, and Life-Changing Food, which is co-authored by Fouad Kassab. Health challenges in her family such as food intolerances, anxiety and OCD were the driving force behind Jo’s mission to learn more about how diet affects our health and wellbeing, and her research has led not only to healing for her family, but for many other families who have followed her journey. As well as the blog and cookbooks, Jo also developed an online program for GAPS cooking called “Quirky Cooking for Gut Health” (which she and Fouad manage together), she hosts a podcast with Fouad called “A Quirky Journey”, and together they run seminars, workshops, cooking classes and retreats, and speak at events around Australia.

Fouad Kassab, Quirky Cooking

Fouad Kassab

Fouad Kassab is a whole-foods chef and food writer. Born in Lebanon during the height of the civil war, Fouad grew up on antibiotics and a diet dependant on international aid, heavy with highly refined flour, vegetable oils, sugar and skim milk powder. As a result he struggled with weight and health issues.  He moved to Australia in 2001 and battled chronic illness until 2011 when he discovered the insulin hypothesis.  This took him down the path of discovery and healing that culminated in a love and understanding of the extraordinary healing power of whole food. Fouad focuses on both cooking and writing to spread wellness through whole food and has written for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide and ran two whole food restaurants in Sydney (Chic Pea and Baraka).  Fouad is the best-selling co-author of Life-Changing Food