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Black Poultice Balm (Good Mood Food)


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GMF BLACK Poultice brings back into fashion the idea of a drawing poultice, by using that wonderful detoxifying agent: Activated Charcoal!

It is used for drawing out deep seated thorns and glass and other foreign objects. Just apply a small amount under a bandaid, and leave it overnight. There has been great feedback from customers that have had good success using it for drawing out infections, as a blackhead removing face mask, for acne, on painful insect bites, boils, warts, skin fungus, cysts, staph infections, and the list keeps growing! 

Available in non-toxic GLASS jars:

  • the handbag size 30ml (Small) 
  • the family size 120ml (Large)


GMF BLACK Poultice is thick, greasy and black so if you are using it to treat a wound on the body, it is best to be smeared on under a bandaid or bandage. Leave it on for at least 24 hours, then reapply until satisfied that the wound is disinfected, or the foreign object has been drawn out. If you are using it on your face, it will wipe away with a wet cloth or face wipes.


Beeswax, Cold pressed Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, activated charcoal. Made from natural and organic ingredients.

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Small (30ml), Large (120ml)

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