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Kibble Pepper is the perfect size to use straight from the shaker. Available in the 85g shaker, 500g bag & 1kg bag.

For 85g Shakers – green insert instead of black flip lid has been temporarily introduced. Shaker is still re-fillable after pulling the green insert out and then securing it back into its original position.

If you’re looking for Whole Pepper, click here.

"I absolutely LOVE Aussie Pepper! It’s grown locally to me, is sustainably farmed and pesticide free, and has the freshest, most aromatic flavour of any pepper I’ve tasted! I take it with me whenever I travel in Australia, as I can honestly say no other pepper ever compares. Of course, everyone who tries it when I cook for them wants to know where to buy it, so I decided we’d better stock it in the Quirky Store. Now everyone can see how pepper should really taste! I know you will love it too."


Here’s some interesting facts that explain why this this pepper is so special:

L & L  Pepperfarms is located in Silkwood (just south of Innisfail, FNQ) and are Australia’s only commercial pepper farm. Yes, that means it’s very likely the pepper on your table (if not from L & L Pepperfarm) has travelled from India or Vietnam, and it probably isn’t very fresh!

L & L Pepperfarms has two hectares of pepper vines that are harvested annually by hand around October and then sun-dried, producing around 2 tonne annually. Their pepper is so popular that they usually run out of pepper before harvesting the next crop!

– The farm is a family business established by 2 brothers, Levis and Louis Campagnolo in the late 1980’s, and since been handed to Donna Campagnolo to run since her father and uncle retired in 2006.

– We love that this pepper is sustainably farmed, 100% natural and pesticide free!!!! YAAAYYY!!!

So good, huh?? Why would anyone not want to support this business and enjoy this delicious Australian Pepper!

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85g, 500g, 1kg, 85g + 500g Bundle

1 review for Aussie Pepper – Kibble

  1. Vanessa (verified owner)

    OH MY GOODNESS… the flavor of this pepper is next level I don’t think I can use supermarket pepper again.
    I am even giving jar’s of this to my pepper loving family and friends so they can convert too and I carry a little pot in my bag when I go out to eat… yes I have become that person..

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