Wholesome ‘Me’ Yoghurt Maker: 24 hour Fermentation


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Yoghurt Maker: MODEL GAPS 101

Designed to fully comply with GAPS & SCD cooking requirements and ferment for 24 hours to maintain the correct temperature and able to produce the healthiest yoghurt full of live probiotic bacteria to help improve digestive health.

It allows you to reduce your time in the kitchen and make larger batches up to 3 Litres at a time. Making yoghurt at home has never been easier with the WHOMESOME Yoghurt Maker. 


• 24 Hour Fermentation Capacity (GAPS Requirement)

• Self Setting Timer with Digital Control up to 24hrs

• Automatic Shut-Off with gentle sounding alarm

• Lead Light Display

• 12 Glass Jars with BPA free screw top lids – (smaller batches can be made with using fewer jars)

• Automatic Temperature Control that maintains the temperature between 38 and 45˚C (GAPS Requirement)

• Even heating circulation

• Extra-large capacity, makes up to 3 Litres of yoghurt (approximately holds between 2.8 to 3 Litres) depending on how much each jar is filled or whether you use a large Pyrex dish.

• Bonus safety carry basket included to safely carry and store jars in the fridge after fermentation.

Yoghurt Making Steps:

Step 1. Follow the instructions and recipe to make yoghurt in the instructions manual provided with your yoghurt maker.

Or find my recipe here.

Step 2. When you have made 3 Litres of yoghurt, pour the yoghurt into the 12 jars and remove the basket from the yoghurt maker.

Step 3. After removing the basket from the yoghurt maker, place the 12 jars in the yoghurt maker.

Step 4. Close the lid and plug the yoghurt maker in. Press the timer control button on the right to set the timer up to 24 hours and then press the heating button to the left.

Step 5. The yoghurt maker will generally maintain a temperature between a range of 38-45°C.

Step 6. When the fermentation is complete, each glass jar can be transferred to the carry basket and safely and conveniently carried to the fridge to set for 6 hours before consuming. The jars will sit quite snug in the basket compared to the positioning in the yoghurt maker.


My Recipe for 24-Hour Yoghurt

24-Hour Yoghurt, Quirky Cooking
24-Hour Yoghurt

24-Hour Yoghurt is, as its name suggests, fermented for 24 hours. The bacteria in the yoghurt culture consumes the milk sugars (lactose), growing in numbers until there are about 708 billion beneficial bacteria in 1 cup of yoghurt. This makes it virtually lactose-free and much easier to digest. Enjoy your own homemade yoghurt for a fraction of the cost of bought yoghurt!

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