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‘Happy Happy Poo’

Created for kids to help them understand how they can eat for better gut health.

We love this book! Happy Happy Poo created a language and a common ground between us and the little ones that started an ongoing conversation about, yes… poo! This is such an important conversation to have with the little ones, especially when their health isn’t optimal.

Because of Happy Happy Poo, we can now talk to our kids about feeding the good guys (good gut bacteria) and that when they are craving sugar or unhealthy food that it’s the “bad guys” who are making them feel that way. It’s also made them more adventurous – trying different types of ferments because the book so nicely encourages them to do so. If you have little ones, get this book! You’re going to love it!

A note from the Authors: 

“Normally we don’t talk about poo. When we have happy happy poo we feel fine and there’s nothing to say, and if things aren’t working, well, we like to keep a lid on that! But take a closer look, and you’ll find that a Happy Happy Poo, helps make a Happy Happy You!”


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