Hilbilby Red Wine Vinegar, Organic Bio-dynamic, 250ml



Live – Raw – Unfiltered with the MOTHER of vinegar [MOV] – 250ml.

This aged, traditionally vinegared red wine is 100% estate grown in Central Victoria using bio-dynamic, organic principles. Unlike its dead [pasteurised] watered down counterparts, this vital Red Wine Vinegar is literally ‘alive’ with the MOV and as a FULL STRENGTH vinegar, a little Hilbilby RWV goes a long, long way.

Ingredients: Aged Estate Grown Organic Red Wine.

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Aside from how delicious it is, this RWV is a great healthy pre-biotic [food for your beneficial gut bacteria] and is bottled in it’s natural state without additives or preservatives. The MOV may spin her web in this bottle and possibly form a cellulose disc at its top, this is an indication of a a living healthy vinegar. This is most likely the BEST RED WINE VINEGAR you’ll ever have, presented in beautiful antique finished Italian made glass bottle.


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