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‘I’m a GAPS Kid’

Created for kids on the GAPS protocol.

‘I’m a GAPS Kid ‘ is a cute, colourful 32-page book created for kids on the GAPS protocol, written by our good friend (and part of our Quirky Cooking team) Emma Fox, who has worked through the protocol with her own children. If you are beginning GAPS with your kids, or you’re in the midst of it all and want to help your kids see the light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect book for you.

  • This book was designed for parents to use the book to encourage, motivate, educate and entertain kids who are on the GAPS diet, helping them to understand why they need to eat this way and how it will help them to feel better.
  • It also allows children to know that there are other kids just like them, and gives them a sense of connection with other kids who are also working through healing with food.
  • Many children also take the book to school to show their teachers and classmates, so they can better understand their way of eating and why they are on this healing protocol.

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“Thank you for putting this book together. It’s awesome and helping so much with our GAPS journey. It’s my sons fave bedtime read and as he can relate to it!! Well done.”

“Can’t recommend this book highly enough for anyone doing GAPS with kids. My kids both love it.” 

“Absolutely love this book! Every GAPS home should have it!! Perfect picture-book to help GAPS kids understand why we need to eat this way and to also feel positive about it and not so isolated with it all.”

“I’ve just ordered a second copy with the intention of donating it to my son’s preschool!”

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