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“Tummy Buggies”

An educational adventure story about good and bad gut bacteria.

Tummy Buggies is a fun adventure story that teaches children about good and bad gut bacteria, what foods have the greatest impact on our gut health, and how gut health can impact our wellbeing. The aim of this story book is to simplify the complexities of the micro-biome to empower children with the knowledge of how to nurture their good tummy buggies every day through healthy food choices.

The beautiful creator of Tummy Buggies, Talisha from Little Mashies, was inspired to write this story from her own family experience. She says this book really helped her daughter with her own eating habits and so she wanted to share it with the world in the hope that it can help other children too!


“OH my gosh! Thank you for creating this! My two have not stopped talking about the mashies buggies and how we have to feed them salad. WOW!”

“I am buying this for all my friends. We love it!”

“My son always tells my husband not to eat junk now”

“Every kid (and parent) needs to read this!”

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