Organic Cocoa Powder, 500g (Dutch-Processed)


Organic Times, Dutch-processed Organic Cocoa Powder is 100% Certified & Fairtrade. Made from fermented, roasted and alkalised organic cocoa beans. A rich, smooth cocoa that is perfect for use in baking, chocolate making and hot chocolate drinks! (Scroll down for more info and tips for use.)

Made in Germany from fair trade beans grown organically in the Dominican Republic.

Certified organic, fair-trade, free from GMO’s, palm-oil free, dairy free, vegan friendly, vegetarian, gluten free.

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Why Dutch-processed cocoa instead of raw cacao powder?

Dutch-processed cocoa is preferred over raw cacao powder for those on a gut-healing diet, as the fermenting, roasting and alkalising process reduces the phytates and makes it easier to digest than raw cacao powder. Organic Times Dutch-processed Cocoa Powder is made from organic beans that are fermented, cleaned, roasted, pressed, milled then enriched with potassium (alkalizing agent) to create a cocoa that is gentler on the gut and has an extra smooth taste. Perfect for use in baking, chocolate making and hot chocolate drinks!

The roasting process creates a richer-flavoured cocoa, so you won’t need quite as much if you’re replacing raw cacao powder with this cocoa powder – reduce the amount by approx. one third. 

🤎 certified organic 🤎 fair-trade 🤎 free from GMO’s 🤎 palm-oil free 🤎 dairy free 🤎 vegan friendly 🤎 vegetarian 🤎 gluten free

NASAA Certified.  

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