Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons


I love my collection of handmade wooden spoons (and I know many of you would love them too!), so I went to visit Sophie of Sophie’s Spoons in Mullumbimby and asked her if she could make some especially for the Quirky community. She said yes!

So here you are – my two favourite styles of hand-carved wooden spoons, each one unique, made from a variety of different woods – listed below.

*Please note these spoons will not be back in stock as we now have our own range of Hand Crafted Spoons. 



Sophie makes these spoons from seasoned timber that is locally sourced around the Byron Shire or bought ethically. They are hand carved using traditional spoon making tools only, including chisels, hook and draw knives, spoke shaves and whittling knives.

The ‘Long handled Cooking’ Spoon is approx 34 cm long with a shallow bowl for cooking. They are made from Kauri Pine, White Beech or Red Cedar.

The ‘Deep Bowl’ Spoon is approx 25 cm long with a 9 cm bowl diameter. They are made from Cedrella, Silky Oak, or White Beech.


⇓ Important Notes

  • These spoons are hand carved from a selection of different woods listed above. When you purchase 1 of the 2 styles of spoons you will receive a spoon at random, meaning you can not make a request for a certain type of wood. The spoons are wrapped and ready for dispatch from our Sydney warehouse, we do not have the ability to take wood type requests, but they are all equally lovely and unique 🙂

  • This unique hand carved spoon is made with love and oiled with organic coconut oil and beeswax. To clean, simply rinse or wipe over with a wet soapy cloth, it will not like being immersed in water to clean or put in the dishwasher. It may colour with different foods, but that will just give it a well loved look.  You may like to oil it occasionally with some coconut oil or flax oil.  Rub the oil in well then buff off with a cloth happy cooking! (these instructions are sent with your spoon)



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Deep Bowl, Long Handle


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