Vanilla Bean Powder


Vanilla Bean Powder is a versatile ingredient with a wonderful rich flavour and vanilla aroma. It is made from ground, dried vanilla beans and can be used in baking, desserts, smoothies or any recipe that calls for vanilla. The benefit of using vanilla powder rather than an extract or essence is that it contains no added sugar or alcohol, and is therefore recommended on a gut-healing diet.



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100% ground and dried vanilla beans.

How to use it?

Vanilla Bean Powder is made from ground. dried vanilla beans and has a wonderful rich flavour and vanilla aroma, making it perfect for adding to sweet baking and drinks.

When using vanilla powder in place of vanilla paste, extract or essence, you will only need about one quarter of the amount (or to taste) – eg. use 1/4 tsp vanilla powder in place of 1 tsp vanilla extract.

Cooking with Vanilla Powder...

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