Wonderbag ~ Portable Slow Cooker – MEDIUM – $90




Wonderbag is the award winning eco-friendly slow cooker

The Wonderbag design allows food to be slow cooked or kept warm off of a heat source. It works in four, easy steps: Boil it, bag it, stand it and share it.

To slow cook;

    • Use the right size pot for the amount of food you wish to cook. Use a pot with short handles, made of copper, steel, aluminium, enamelled cast iron, cast iron and glassware pots. Do not use clay or ceramic
    • Simply bring food to the boil on a stove, let simmer. (Times will vary for length of boil based on recipe, type of food and altitude.)
    • Then place the boiling pot immediately from the stove into the Wonderbag with its lid, cinch tightly with the drawstring.
    • Slow cook to perfection for up to 12 hours. 

How is the Wonderbag different from other slow cookers?

✓ Heat-retention design allows food brought to the boil to continue cooking for up to 8 hours

✓ No electricity or gas required, making it safe to leave alone while you go about your day

✓ Easily portable and saves between 30-80% of the energy normally required for cooking

✓ Light and easily portable – Perfect for home, camping, road trips and picnics!

Multi-functional – Doubles as a cooler bag to keep food and drinks chilled

For every Wonderbag purchased, a donation is made to the Wonderbag Foundation in order to support Wonderfeasts and subsidize Wonderbags to communities across the world one community at a time. Learn more here

Other Features:

  • The MEDIUM Wonderbag can hold between a 1.5 – 6 litre pot

  • Manufactured using polyester on the Outside and poly-cotton  inside

  • Has the versatility to feed a family.

  • Dimensions: 38cm x 38cm x 20cm

  • Weight: 1.1 kgs (vacuum packed for shipping)

  • Cooks for 8 hours, stays hot for 12 hours

  • The Wonderbag comes with a recipe booklet to provide ideas and guidance, after a few times using the Wonderbag; you will get the hang of it!
  • Heaps more info here

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 34 × 31 × 14 cm

Rusty Orange, Navy Fern, Rose fern, Batik Green


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