zazen Alkaline Water System – BPA-Free Plastic Bottom Tank


The zazen Alkaline Water System removes the risk of harmful contaminates through replicating Mother Nature’s water cycle by transforming your drinking water with its 10 Stage State-of-the-Art process into refreshing, alkaline mineral water that hydrates you immediately at a cellular level!

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zazen-Alkaline-Water-System Quirky Cooking

The zazen BPA-Free system is made with no nasty bisphenol chemicals. Includes all filters & stones ready to assemble and enjoy!


What’s in the Box – zazen Alkaline Water System with BPA-Free Bottom Tank?

1 x Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge

1 x Ceramic Filter with silicone washer & filter nut

1 x 500g box of Silver Stones

1 x 1kg box of Mineral Stones

1 x Free box of Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancers

1 x 1200 Gauss Magnetic Tap with 2 silicone washers

1 x BPA-Free Plastic Top Lid

1 x BPA-Free Plastic Upper Tank

1 x BPA-Free Plastic Middle Ring

1 x BPA-Free Plastic Bottom Tank

1 x BPA-Free Plastic Cartridge Connector

1 x BPA-Free Plastic Stand

What about replacing parts?

Answering Your Water Filter Questions, with Fiona from Zazen Water Australia

💧 What’s the difference between the different water filters out there?

💧 Are they worth the hype?

💧 Is a cheap water filter better than nothing (eg Brita)?

💧 Do they require much to maintain?

💧 What do you do when your ceramic filter goes a bit green?

💧 Shower/bath filter recommendations – Plastic or glass?

💧 Can filters strip too many good minerals out of water?

💧 Is it ok to drink bought filtered water in plastic bottles?

💧 And lots more.

Fiona also shares a lot of information about water filters in general and the zazen filter in particular; as well as the science behind filtering water in a way that mimics nature.


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