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GMF FARM Balm uses a targeted blend of essential oils to serve every purpose in the great outdoors! It is for the whole family, including the furry members, and can be applied: to wounds and itchy insect bites.


Applications: (as recommended by Mary of Good Mood Food)


  • For tick repellent, rub it on your pulse points before going out.
  • When using as a deterrent, rub a small amount between your hands, and then apply to the skin that will be exposed.
  • When using it on a wound or bite, just rub a small amount on the affected area


  • I have found that rubbing the balm on my dogs foot pads, or on her belly, where there is less hair, has been effective.
  • I have also applied this directly to my horses face to keep flies away, and under his belly and on the inside of his legs to deter ticks.
  • When using it on a wound, just rub a small amount on the affected area.

Available in non-toxic GLASS jars:

  • the handbag size 30ml (Small)
  • the family size 120ml (Large)


Beeswax, Cold pressed Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Lavender, Basil, Rose Geranium. Made from natural and organic ingredients.

NOTE: while some essential oils can be toxic to animals, all the research I have done has shown that the ones used in FARM balm are safe. Additionally, the amount in the balms is well below any dangerous levels (0.25%), and is diluted in the carrier balm which research has shown makes it even safer.

Download the Good Mood Food Balm Guide

Simply click on the image above to down load the Good Mood Food Balm Guide. Print it and keep it with your Balms for easy reference.

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