December 13, 2009

Double Chocolate-Ginger Cookies

For those of you who like chocolate and ginger together, here’s a double whammy of both! These are great with a glass of cold almond milk… […]
November 13, 2009

Banana Raspberry Smoothie

Smoothies are perfect for an energy boost at morning tea time – my blood sugar levels always seem to be dropping at this time of day, […]
November 9, 2009

Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Granola

This is a great recipe which I like to make for breakfasts and snacks. The buckwheat is sprouted, then mixed with the other ingredients and dried […]
November 4, 2009
apple oat fritters quirky cooking

Apple-Oat Fritters

I made these fritters for breakfast this morning (seeing there was no bread left and I hadn’t gotten around to making any buckwheat granola…) – they […]
October 30, 2009
chocolate hazelnut spread quirky cooking

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I REALLY love chocolate! (Have you noticed?) I love chocolate drinks, and chocolate cakes, and chocolate cookies, and chocolate-banana-macadamia ice-cream, and chocolate sauce… I even love […]
September 28, 2009

Dairy-Free Spelt Scones

Scones have always been a ‘staple’ of our diet – we have them for breakfast or morning tea at least once a week. They’re so quick […]
September 8, 2009

Quick Chocolate Sorbet

Being dairy-free makes it difficult sometimes when you’re craving chocolate desserts – they all seem to have milk or cream in them! But after seeing a […]
August 25, 2009

Crunchy Gingernut Cookies

The kids and I enjoyed these gingernut cookies today – and I’m sure when Daddy gets home from work, he’ll enjoy them too! (Hopefully not too […]
August 16, 2009

Flourless Pecan Cake (GF, DF)

I’m so excited – I’ve come up with a really yummy version of my favourite flourless nut cake, and it’s completely dairy free and gluten free […]
August 13, 2009

Fruit-Filled Breakfast Brioche

This morning I made a filled brioche for breakfast. There’s nothing like steaming hot fruit encased in a sweet bread to make the kids get out […]