eBook: Healthy Eating Made Simple


Healthy Eating Made Simple

By Jo Whitton

Feeling like you don’t know where to start on your health journey? Overwhelmed and worried about the cost of healthy eating? Time poor and stressed? This eBook will help you get your head around whole food principles, and practical tips for getting started. 




7  WHOLE FOODS CHEAT SHEET: Confused about what foods you should be eating or avoiding? Here’s a quick reference guide!

9  “WHERE DO I START?”: 5 simple steps to get the ball rolling

10  “BUT I DON’T HAVE TIME!”: Some of my favourite, quick-and-easy snacks & light meals

11  “IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE”: 12 tips for reducing spending while eating well

12  MEAL PLANNING: 8 steps to guide you through successful meal planning, to save time & money

13  SAMPLE MEAL PLANS: 5 family-friendly meal plans (links in past newsletters)

14  AN OPEN LETTER TO AN OVERWHELMED MAMA: My heartfelt answer to a mother struggling with frustration & overwhelm at trying to life a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget

17  HELPFUL RESOURCES: Where to from here? Plenty of resources to help you on your journey.

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